Scientists warn WHO of airborne transmission risks from COVID-19

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Scientists warn WHO of airborne transmission risks from COVID-19

Think of it this way: SARS-coV-2 has been transmissible, via respiratory droplets, the whole time. We posited that was possible, as well as via surfaces, from the start, and additional study has shown us that it is more easily transmissible via air than surfaces. That’s when, despite fears that PPE masks would be hoarded by the general public and become increasingly scant for frontline workers, the WHO and other agencies began imploring that people wear masks when entering public spaces.

In countries where mask-wearing has been more commonplace, few waited to be told, and - excepting the areas of China where the first outbreak exploded out of nowhere - those countries have had lower infection rates than countries where mask-wearing took time to gain traction. In countries and regions where mask-wearing eventually became a matter of course, their infection rates have also fallen.

There are videos, from medical organizations, on YouTube that demonstrate how well mask-wearing works at arresting airborne respiratory droplets. The standard of mask effects how much it protects the wearer. But all masks protect everybody else, and that’s why we all need to be wearing them.

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