'No Sporting Justification', CONMEBOL Rejects FIFA Proposition for Biennal World Cup

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'No Sporting Justification', CONMEBOL Rejects FIFA Proposition for Biennal World Cup
South American football governing body has rejected FIFA's proposition for a biennial world cup saying that there was no sporting justification for shortening the window between tournaments.
CONMEBOL, in a strong opposition to the proposals by the European  footballs ruling body, UEFA said that holding the tournament every two years will diminish the quality of the game. 
'A world cup every two years could distort the most important football competition on  the planet, lowering its quality and undermining its exclusive character and its current demanding standards, CONMEBOL' said.
'It would represent an overload that is practically impossible to manage in the international competition calendar.'
'In the current conditions, it is already complex to harmonize times, schedules, logistics, adequate preparation of equipment and commitments. The situation will be extremely difficult with the proposed change. It could even put the quality of other tournaments both club and national at risk. There is no sporting justification for shortening the period between world cups'. 
CONMEBOL said that although it had previously been open to holding the tournament more regularly, technical analysis has shown that the possibility of of a biennial world cup tournament is not viable.
 'Therefore, under this current conditions, it ratifies its support for the current world cup model, with its terms and classification mechanisms, considering it consistent with the spirit that animated those who conceived and founded the this competition , the statement said'.
FIFA president, Gianni Infantino has promised earlier this week that the decision on the proposed biennial world cup tournament will be made available by the end of this year. He said that the move was cut off too many meaningless matches.
The proposition has equally drawn broad opposition with UEFA chief, Aleksander ceferin saying the plan will dilute world cup and the World Leagues Forum saying that it would undermine player welfare.   

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