Above-average rainfall expected in November

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Above-average rainfall expected in November

Rwanda Meteorology Agency has predicted above-normal rains during November in most parts of the country.

The expected rainfall ranges between 100 and 300 millimeters, an amount slightly above long-term average of November. It will also be a little beyond what rained in October. 

The enhanced precipitation, according to Meteo Rwanda, is resultant from moisture and tropical winds currently converging in the region. 

Released on Thursday, the monthly forecast shows that western Rwanda will experience the most amount of rain. 

Rainfall ranging between 240 and 300 millimeters is expected in Nyamasheke, eastern Rusizi, western Karongi and Nyaruguru near Nyungwe National Park as well as northern parts of Burera and Musanze districts.

Compared to the western region, the city of Kigali will receive lesser rain while most parts of northern and eastern provinces should expect the least amount of rainfall, ranging between 100 and 160 millimeters.

Similar precipitation is predicted in Nyanza, Huye and Gisagara districts of the Southern Province.

The southeastern part of the country that covers Bugesera, Ngoma, Kayonza and Kirehe districts will receive enhanced rainfall.

Mathieu Mbati Mugunga, senior forecaster and Division Manager of weather and climate services and application at Meteo Rwanda told The Imbereheza that the rainfall in the forecast period poses no direct threat of danger.

“However, because of the rain that we received recently, there might be minimal damages due to present moisture in soil, especially in the central part of the country,” Mugunga warned, hinting at infrastructure in Kigali city and surrounding areas.

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