Advice Needed! How Can Someone Avoid Having Girlfriend.

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Advice Needed! How Can Someone Avoid Having Girlfriend.
Dickson (not his real name) is a first year student in the University of Rwanda. He is determined to graduate from the University with a 1st class degree. Before gaining admission into the University, he got information that girlfriends can distract someone from concentrating in his studies, thus, preventing him from making the 1st class. So, he do not want to have a girlfriend so that he will not get distracted in making his goal. He needs your kind advice in this issue.
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How Can Someone Avoid Having Girlfriend in the University?
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Just do not look at them

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And at the same time, mind your business

1. You are a lucky guy. 2. Everything starts from your mind, you have to make up your mind first. 3. Occupy your mind with your aspirations and goals. 4. Your girlfriend should be your textbooks and lecture notes.