Benefits of Corona Virus.

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Benefits of Corona Virus.

It is often said the every disappointment is a blessing thus, biblically, man should gives thanks in all
This got me wondering...
What is there to be thankful about Coronavirus? Is there truly any good thing that can come out of
the existence of this pandemic that has been claiming innocent lives none stop?
Are there really any blessings one can count or claim to enjoy from this staying at home 24/7 round
the clock indefinitely?
Well, having made a few personal observation in my home and neighbourhood, I have come up with
many a good number of blessings Coronavirus has brought to Mankind in my locality.
• Man now makes a conscious effort to be more hygienic. As the Bible says, cleaniness is
next to Godliness. The fact that one can avoid and prevent the spread of this pandemic
disease by washing one's hands for 20 seconds under running water with an alcohol base
or soap is just the newest found habit of every living sane human out there right now.
• No one coughs or sneeze indiscriminately these days. Gone are the days when people cough
or sneeze at you; just right into your face. No one dares to do so anymore. Not even in the
• People now take time to properly dispose their used tissues rather than trashing it
• There is more orderliness in gatherings, queue points and so on. In fact while using the
ATM machine, you need not worry about blocking the screen with your whole body. No
one is looking anymore because they are all standing far away from you; that's if there is
anyone standing behind.
• Couples who only see each other before the sun rises and just after the moon spreads herself
out in the sky can now get to see what the other people actually looks like after so many
years or months. A lot of couples will either be shocked or surprised to see their spouse's
real face!
• Children also get to see what Daddy looks like, how Daddy acts and behaves himself this
• Couples get to enjoy another honeymoon phase if they choose to. They now have all the
time in the world.
• Parents now have time to bond with their kids. No more work excuses.
• Wives will worry less about side chicks and slay mamas if their husbands are very obedient
to the Stay at home governmental decree.
• Women who's husbands can drive and has a car can now learn to drive during this lockdown.
• Parents who kept their kids under the care of nannies and care givers gets the privilege to
tend to their kids by themselves or supervise how their kids' nanny nurtures them.
• Family members can now train and nurture their young ones into responsible and loved
champs or damsels.
• As an individual, you get all the time you need to think and write down your plans for the
I can go on and on about the goodness of this stay at home period but the list is numerous and sort
worth endless.
I'm pretty sure even you can think of more benefits this pandemic lockdown has brought. The most
important thing however, is for one to make the most out of all this. Make sure that when the
lockdown is over, a better you is coming out of your house to give the world the best purpose drive
Many thanks for reading, liking, sharing and commenting.

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