COVID-19: Japanese University Conducts Graduation Ceremony Using Remote Robots

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COVID-19: Japanese University Conducts Graduation Ceremony Using Remote Robots
While the whole world is struggling not only to fight the novel coronavirus but also to figure out a way to carry on with their day-to-day life, some countries seem to be one or two steps ahead of us.

While South Korea showed a brilliant effort to keep people who were exposed to confirmed coronavirus cases at home by sending them amazing comfort packages full of essentials, Japan enters the competition of who’s done it better by solving the problem of how to make public events such as graduation risk-free.

BTT University in Japan has found a genius way to conduct a graduation ceremony without having the students physically attend it. The genius way is that they just resolved to using robots to represent the students.

The graduation ceremony was held on March 28th at Hotel Grand Palace at Chiyoda, Tokyo.

With the country having been ravaged by many natural disasters of various kinds, the Japanese have adapted to quickly learning from any crisis and always being prepared, acting quickly, following the government’s instructions and adapting their lifestyles if needed. The spread of coronavirus once again proved these qualities useful, especially the last one.

Since the graduates couldn’t attend the ceremony in person due to the coronavirus pandemic, they turned to technology to help solve the problem

Apparently, Business Breakthrough University (BBT) conducted a graduation ceremony on the 28th of March at Hotel Grand Palace in Tokyo in a way that allowed their students to participate without risking being exposed to coronavirus.

The graduates remotely operated robots to accept their certificates instead of them. They had their four graduates from two departments remotely operate “newme” robots in order to receive their certificates. The robots developed by ANA Holdings each had a display screen showing the face of the student operating it and arms that enabled them to receive the certificates on the graduates’ behalf. They were also dressed in graduation gowns in order to keep up with the spirit of the event.

The “newme” robots used in the ceremony had a display that showed the faces of the graduates controlling them and mechanical arms that enabled them to receive their graduation certificates.

The university went an extra mile and even dressed the robots in graduation gowns in order to keep the spirit of the event.

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