Covid 19-The way Forward.

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Covid 19-The way Forward.

Globally, most cities of nations around the world are presently going through a lockdown; an
indefinite stay at home period to combat the pandemic effects of Coronavirus.
This lockdown has affected countless aspects of human existence particularly; the economic sector
of many power nations.
The reason is not far fetched. In the commercial world, all factors of production are of utmost
importance for economic growth.
However, recent happenings has proved beyond reasonable doubts that without the human factor
(manpower, human intelligence and technical know how) which drives and controls all means of
production as the case may be starting from; the sourcing of raw materials; its refinement into
finished consumable goods and distribution, every other factors of production remains docile and
It is therefore not a mystery to see the economy of many developed power nations suffering from
inflation and low cash flow as most of her human factor of production have been placed under lock
and key due to the Stay at home governmental decree.
One can emphatically say that the human factor of production (whether physical strength, techincal
prowess or intellectual) is definitely the most important means of production as it remains the
indivisible cord that synergies and coordinates every other means of production into creative
Knowing how strongly human existence relies critically on hope; all can only hope that at the long
run, hope will bring an end to this hopeless situation and once again, prevail on behalf of mankind.
Notwithstanding, hope becomes only a mirage if after this lockdown, much importance is not given
to the human factor of production in order to rejuvenate that withering economy of most promising
states and developed nations.
Thus, it is wiser and smarter to reinvest in human skills in order to bring back the high rate of
production outputs which will in turn yield a faster and sustainable economic developmental growth. 

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