First Lady rallies leaders to use tech to tell Rwanda’s story

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First Lady rallies leaders to use tech to tell Rwanda’s story

The First Lady of Rwanda Mrs. Jeannette Kagame has rallied members of the Unity Club to leverage the various information technology platforms to project the true story of Rwanda, and counter those that seek to distort the account of the country’s history.

She was speaking on Friday October 6 during a one-day retreat of members of Unity Club, an organisation that brings together members of cabinet, former and present, and their spouses, and other top government officials with an aim of promoting unity while contributing to the socio-economic development of the country. 

While opening the retreat, Mrs. Kagame who is the organisation’s chairperson, recognised the achievements that the country has made in the direction of uniting Rwandans, but pointed out areas that need more effort going forward.



Citing information from the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC), the First Lady said there are challenges facing the country’s efforts towards unity; and these include distortion of the Rwandan identity, divisionism and torture against genocide survivors, among others.

Zeroing in on the challenge of distorting the country’s past, she highlighted an unfortunate practice where some people with ill motives use information technology to distort the history, aiming at destroying unity and “Rwandanness.”

Here she called upon Unity Club members to make use of information technology to bring to light the true story.

“As members (of Unity Club), we have access to this technology and are using it. We know the truth and have seen the benefit of saying it, living in harmony and cherishing the Rwandanness. It is important that we carry the torch we bear and bring light to these technology platforms so that their users will get to know the truth,” she said.

She urged them to continue putting effort into programmes that promotes the Rwandan identity and reconciliation, giving special attention to the young generation.

“As Unity Club members, we believe that standing for our country in unity is the bridge that will guide us past divisionism, and cheap mentalities,” she said.

The club’s points of focus going ahead include putting efforts in transparency and accountability in their work; and playing part in fighting against people who want to destroy the country’s achievements especially through use of information technology; among others.

Mrs. Kagame also called upon the members of the club to give priority to serving Rwandans, undertaking responsibilities in a manner aimed at developing the citizens “so that no one’s rights will be down-trodden.”

Augustin Iyamuremye the President of the Senate also added his voice to the First Lady’s in regards to efforts needed to foster unity, saying that this is the foundation of development, and that is why those that want to destroy the country’s achievements. 

He highlighted to the members of Unity Club that the country has built a good reputation internationally, and that there is work for them to do in that regard.

"For this reputation to be upheld, we are required to continue to struggle to safeguard the achievements we have gained,” he said.

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