International schools petition education ministry over final exams

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International schools petition education ministry over final exams

International schools have petitioned the Ministry of Education over the feasibility of conducting final year exams expected to commence next month in line with Covid-19 containment measures.

The development comes at a time when mass gatherings are not allowed in the country to further curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Under the petition, the institutions seek to conduct the international examinations with-in school premises to adhere to the examination standards. 

Less than a month for the examinations to commence, however, The Imbereheza has learnt that the international schools are in a dilemma. 

Speaking to this publication, Bosco Kwesiga, Riviera High School Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) coordinator, noted that the first examination is scheduled for as early as October 1.

“The first examination is in three weeks, 1st October to be specific. And the last examination is scheduled on the 27th of November,” Kwesiga said.

However, he observed, to prevent quality compromise, the Cambridge International Examinations body has requested that all exams be held in school premises.

This, he explained is vital because some examinations including practical tests (which they will start with) need school settings such as laboratories.

“I will give you an example of the first exam which will be a Chemistry practical, we have laboratories that are designed solely for this purpose. It is therefore impossible for these students to sit for these examinations from their homes”.

Additionally, for quality assurance, Kwesiga pointed out that international examinations normally have specific invigilators who ensure that there is no form of malpractice.

“We can’t risk having these examinations online. Because there is no assurance that the student will not cheat. Since there would be no invigilator in place” he added.

Besides, Kwesiga noted that international students who are currently abroad have been requested to plan for their travel documents to be able to make it in time.

“Actually in total we have 10 international students, 5 of whom have already finished their travel documents and their accommodation processes. We are now waiting for the response from the Ministry of Education and the local government to give us green light, so that they can travel in the country”. He said.

Like Riviera High School, other international schools including Nu-Vision High School, among others are seeking help from the Education Ministry to ensure that examinations are held.

Speaking to The News Editor, The Minister of Education, Valentine Uwamariya, said that her institution is yet to respond to the petition.

Uwamariya didn’t reveal much of the details, but she said that she received the letters on Wednesday, September 9, in the morning.

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