Lazarus Chakwera Becomes New Malawi President After Historic Win

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Lazarus Chakwera Becomes New Malawi President After Historic Win

Lazarus Chakwera Becomes New Malawi President After Historic Win

Lazarus Chakwara becomes new Malawi president after a historic win of the incumbent President Peter Mutharika. The new President told BBC that his win in the rerun election was a victory for democracy and justice. Mr. Chakwera referred to himself as the biblical Lazarus who came back from the dead. The Malawian constitutional court had in February annulled the election of Peter Mutharika, citing vote tampering. 

Although the country was deeply divided in the run-up to last week's selection, President Chakwera has assured his rivals that they have nothing to fear. He told BBC Newshour programme that he is building a new Malawi with his policy for inclusivity. Chekwara further reiterated that he is not the President of a faction, but President of everyone in the country. 

Although the new President dismissed allegations by former president Mutharika that the election was marred by violence, President Chekwera maintained that he would not stand in Mutharika's Mutharika's way to challenge the election. As a Pentecostal preacher and former theology lecturer, Mr. Chakwera said his job is to unite and serve Malawians. 

He told BBC that his goal is to provide quality leadership that makes all Malawians to prosper. Chekwara hopes to deal decisively with corruption and the stealing of public funds. Some African countries like Kenya have had presidential elections annulled in 2017. However, it is entirely new in Africa for the opposition to defeat an incumbent president. 

During his swearing-in, Lazarus Chakwera told Malawians that it is an honour to stand before them. It goes to show the caliber of leader he is. He sees his position as a service to his people and not an opportunity to milk the country dry. 

Lazarus Chakwera'sChakwera's Speech When He Was Sworn In as New Malawi President 

In his speech during the swearing-in, Lazarus Chakwera said, "Fellow Malawians, to stand before you as your president today is an honour." " He continued to say, "Of what use is freedom from oppressions If you and I are slaves to starvation? Or freedom from colonialism if you are a slave to tribalism?" "Time has come for us to go beyond dreaming, the time has come for us to wake up, rise from slumber, and make our dreams come true," President Chakwera said. 

He went further to reiterate that with the help of Malawians, the country will restore faith in having a good government that serves. It is not going to be a government that rules, but one that inspires and listens to Malawians. The outgoing President did not attend the ceremony as the law does not mandate that he be present. 

How Lazarus Chekwera Became The New Malawi President

The constitutional court of Malawi ordered a fresh election after the 2019 pull was marred by widespread irregularities. The 2019 election saw the then President re-elected by fewer than 159, 000 votes. Mr. Chakwera, who was the first runner up, challenged the election citing that forms had been tampered with. On the 3RD February 2020, THE constitutional court overturns ruled in favor of Mr. Chakwera and ordered a rerun. 

Who is Lazarus Chakwera? 

The new Malawi President is a former cleric and the head of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP). Lazarus Chakwera was born in Lilongwe to a subsistence farmer. He has promised to raise the minimum wage of Malawians among many reforms he has in mind. He was born on 5 April 1955 and studied theology in Malawi, South Africa, and the United States. 

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