Rwanda and Zimbabwe to share expertise in energy

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Rwanda and Zimbabwe to share expertise in energy

Rwanda and Zimbabwe have signed an agreement that will see both countries establish corporation in sharing expertise in the energy sector.

Signed on Thursday, December 3 between the Rwanda Energy Group and the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, the agreement covers areas including energy generation, transmission, distribution, reduction of energy losses, and capacity building of personnel engaged in the industry. 

“So what the two parties are actually looking for is to work together, and make sure that each party benefits from the other’s experience in the implementation of energy projects,” says a statement from REG. 

The Memorandum of Understanding will run for 5-years with the possibility of being renewed.

Speaking about the deal, Claver Gatete the Minister of Infrastructure emphasized the importance of capacity building, saying it is necessary for sustaining what Rwanda is building in the energy sector.

“There are some skills that Zimbabwe has that we don’t have. There is what we have that we can share with them. So, at the end of the day, it is a win-win situation," he said. 

"That is why we are signing this deal so that can corporate with each other in a way that will assist us to improve electricity access in Rwanda, but also in Rwanda.” 

Charity Manyeruke Zimbabwe’s envoy to Rwanda said the deal signals the deepening of the two countries’ economic relations and will assist in improving the livelihoods of their people.

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