Why is the Corona Virus suddenly become less deadly?

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Why is the Corona Virus suddenly become less deadly?

The death rate is decreasing because of several factors. The main factor being that the health service is learning how to treat the disease. Early intervention has been found to be very effective, the use of steroids, postural treatment and delaying ventilation as much as possible. The health service around the world is also being better equipped each day, and is able to cope better with the numbers.

In addition, testing is more widely available. So milder cases are being picked up more readily. This naturally reduces the death rate.

In a year or two we will have a pretty accurate death rate of COVID. It will likely be under 5%, possibly under 2%.

Has it been blown out of proportion? Definitely not.

It has killed 120,000 people in the USA within 4 months. Yet 9/11 which killed a mere 5,000 people is mourned every year, twenty years later. Imagine what that number would be if lockdown didn’t occur?

Still, it’s way too early to discuss true death rates and appropriate reactions. What people still don’t seem to realise is that this thing isn’t over. It is only just beginning.

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